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Happy New Year!

I decided this year to start sharing a photo every Tuesday from the past. Photos that may have gone unnoticed but hold a special place in my heart from traveling, from work, from whatever. I hope you enjoy my little ramblings as I journey through past memories and moments on “Travel Tuesdays”. As always comments are welcomed and appreciated.

In 2006 I rather impulsively quit my staff photographer job at a wonderful local paper called The Salem News in Beverly, MA to chase my dreams of being an international photographer. Ever since I could remember I was obsessed with Africa and had been itching to get there my entire life. I would sit, bored, in my college classrooms dreaming of elephants on the plains and brightly clad women balancing heavy loads on their heads. So just past the new year I dyed my long platinum blonde hair a deep chocolate brown and mustered up as much courage as I could as I boarded a plane to Kenya.

This photo is from Sipi Falls in Uganda. The boy in the photo is named Jumas, he was 15-years-old and my “tour guide” for the day. Barefoot and nimble as a mountain goat I captured this photo of him standing beneath a waterfall that dropped 100 ft straight down. I’ve never been much of a nature photographer and I was so thankful when he casually glanced up to watch the drops of water falling down and made the image more than just another photo of a waterfall but something special and complete.

Boy standing under Sipi Falls in Uganda Africa by travel photographer Kira Vos (Horvath).


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  • Hayde

    You moved my heartReplyCancel

  • Sandor

    Ooooooohhhh!!! I’m gonna love Tuesdays this year!!! You already told me something that you never shared before!!! An amazing photo too!!!ReplyCancel

  • Carole

    Beautiful. You have such talent. Looking forward to future Tuesdays!ReplyCancel

  • Kira

    Thanks you guys! 2013 is going to ROCK!ReplyCancel