Refugee Crisis | Syrian and Iraqi Refugees in Serbia

Catholic Relief Services recently sent me to Serbia to document the refugee crisis. I spent three days in Belgrade and along the Serbian/Hungarian boarder documenting the camps and massive amount of Syrian and Iraqi refugees that were trying to seek refuge in other parts of Europe. It was an eye-opening, humbling and heart-wrenching experience.

Refugee Crisis in Belgrade Serbia and along the Hungarian boarder. - Kira Horvath PhotographyA syrian girl tries to stay dry as she waits for a bus in Serbia.  - Kira Horvath PhotographySyrian refugee's line up to wait for donations from the Red Cross at Belgrade, Serbia.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyThe refugee crisis has thousands of people feeing to Europe.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyRefugees seek shelter in tents along the boarder of Hungry and Serbia during the refugee crisis.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyA woman waits for a bus in a refugee camp in Serbia with her children.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyA refugee camp along the boarder between Serbia and Hungry.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyA Syrian refugee boy with water logged feet waits for some new shoes in Serbia.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyClothes hang on a fence at the bus Belgrade bus station where the refugee crisis keeps flooding the station.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyA syrian refugee boy cries as he is pushed in a crowd waiting for warm coats and blankets being handed out by the Red Cross.  Refugee Crisis.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyA refugee camp along the Serbia Hungry boarder.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyBelgrade, Serbia is a major crossing point for the refugee crisis.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyAn Iraqi refugee plays with her daughter while waiting for a bus to the Hungarian boarder in Belgrade, Serbia.  - Kira Horvath PhotographySyrian refugee children at a camp in Serbia.  - Kira Horvath PhotographyA mother pulls her daughter through the streets of Belgrade, Serbia on the way to a relief location. The refugee crisis. - Kira Horvath PhotographyRefugees take shelter under blankets in the streets of Belgrade, Serbia. - Kira Horvath Photography




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