Australia’s Byron Bay Surf Photography | My Favorite Instagram Photo | Travel Tuesdays

I picked up my first iPhone before a short trip to Australia’s Gold Coast last year. I was itching to try out Apple’s infamous camera and I wanted to become part of the ever-growing Instagram world. I made this image in New South Wales at Byron Bay on one of the best weekends of my life. I was on a run up to the lighthouse that overlooks the beautiful cove and couldn’t pass up this moment. The awesome 3-foot rolling waves were giving longboarders ridiculously long rides and when they would reach the beach the surfers were getting out of the water, walking up the beach and then picking up another wave rather than paddling all the way out again. I wish I could have been in the water with them but I was still pleased I got to be a witness.

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Iphone Instagram photo of surfers at New South Wales in Byron Bay Australia at sunset. by Kira Vos (Horvath)

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